PIWY Nomination - Advocate 2018

Advocate Category – This woman is a giver at heart and is an advocate for pets – She has or does something to benefit animals and the humans that love them.

Pet Industry Woman of the Year Advocate Nomination 

PIWY Nomination - Corporate 2018

Corporate Category – This woman is either the founder/president/ceo of a corporation or works for one in a leadership role.

Pet Industry Woman of the Year Corporate Nomination 

PIWY Nomination - Entrepreneur 2018

Entrepreneur Category – One business or many – this woman is the big thinker and has a team or employees to help make her vision happen and grow.

Pet Industry Woman of the Year Entrepreneur Nomination 

PIWY Nomination - Rising Star 2018

Rising Star Category – This woman is new to the pet space or is in a new role. Rapid growth and high performance are key to why she is a rising star.

Pet Industry Woman of the Year Rising Star Nomination 

PIWY Nomination - Solopreneur 2018

Solopreneur Category – Doing it all and doing it with grace describes this woman. She is a solo shop – though of course is smart about hiring her CPA and other businesses services. The rest of the time she does her business on her own.

Pet Industry Woman of the Year Solopreneur Nomination 

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