Level Up Your Leadership 

Are you ready to take your leadership blind spot and move to a clearer vision about your future?

In six compelling sessions, you can gain clarity, create consistency, and hone skills that can move you to a higher level of effectiveness.



Here's what you'll get with this course: 

6 Leadership Sessions

A total of 18 mini lessons that you can do at your own pace 

Group Coaching Calls

With bonus content and to answer burning questions

Leadership tracking sheet

For consistency, accountability and to measure results

You'll get all of this PLUS a 30 minute coaching session with me for $297

What are you waiting for?

Course begins when YOU TAKE ACTION!


Why take a leadership course?

Most of my clients find they are somehow getting stuck or stumbling over unconscious beliefs and behaviors that stop them from getting the results they want, especially from those on their team.

Working harder or longer isn’t working, giving more perks or praise is no longer as effective and with the high stress of our current work environment, it feels like we’re at a breaking point.

Using proven and manageable tools and techniques, the Level Up Your Leadership Course can help you break through limiting beliefs, develop new strategies for energizing your team, and allow you to focus where your highest talents are best used.


But don't just take my word for it.. 

Shawna Schuh

“By eliminated the beliefs that were unconsciously sabotaging our efforts my team gained cohesion, and was better able to work together towards a common goal. ”


Shawna Schuh

“Shawna has helped me look at my business with fresh eyes. I now know better techniques for leading my team more quickly and efficiently. ”

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Shawna Schuh

“Shawna keeps me on the highway of progress like no other. I highly recommend working with Shawna to anyone hoping to achieve their greatest dreams and goals.”


About Shawna Schuh 
Creator of Level Up Your Leadership 

With over 3 decades of experience working one on one with wonderful curious leaders of every level, I can guarantee that if you want to improve your results, keep your team engaged and use your time for doing the vision work required of a leader, I can help you.

As with most of my clients, I’m an avid student, continual learner, and seeker who invests in my most vital asset, myself.

A Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, a Certified Speaking Professional (a designation earned and held by less than 12% of speakers worldwide) business owner, entrepreneur, and leader of various associations over numerous years.

Plus the secret sauce: I live in rural Western Oregon on 20 acres with various species that give me a competitive edge on group dynamics and focus. Trust me on this, you’ll not only learn a lot that will work, but it will also be interesting and fun too!


With how crazy the world is right now, there's never been a better time to work on your leadership skills. Plus at $297, it's a total steal.

Excited to work with you!